I’m Joel Gerbino and this is my creative outlet, my playground.

I’ve been testing software since for about 20 years, I have extensive real estate experience, and I love starting businesses and creating things. I’ve worn several hats in the testing world including test engineer, automation engineer, team lead, manager, and architect. My real estate roles include being a licensed real estate agent, an investor, a landlord, a flipper, and a wholesaler.

Over the years I’ve created several businesses in the areas of  construction/remodeling,  catering/wholesale food, as well as several real estate related businesses. I’m super passionate and ambitious, and complex and challenging problems motivate and energize me. I absolutely love being challenged. I’m also an ideas guy who is always coming up with something new or trying to find creative ways to make things better and I love leveraging technology.

Last but certainly not least the most important thing to me is helping others. If I’m not enhancing the lives of those around me the rest of this stuff means nothing to me.

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